Togetherness: Rituals of food and fire

The capacity of fire and food to bring people together is almost universal across cultures and geographical borders. Ufabet. And sometimes, we need do no more than light a candle to create a sense of community around our dinner tables.

Rituals of food and fire

Rituals of food and fire

Our languages are reminders that sharing food nurtures more than our physical body. It feeds our friendships, bolsters our bonds and nourishes our sense of community – and those factors are vital to our happiness.

Whether you look at the English word “companion, the Spanish word compañero or the French copain, they all originate from the Latin com and panis, meaning ‘with whom one shares bread.

Starting out with the rituals of food and fire around the dinner table can ignite an understanding that the good life builds on connection and purpose. That our wealth is not measured by the size of our bank accounts but by the strength of our bonds, the health of our loved ones and the level of our gratitude. That happiness does not come from owning a bigger car but from knowing that we are part of something bigger – part of a community – and that we are all in this together.

What we at both the Happiness Research Institute and the World Happiness Report find is that the happiest countries have a strong sense of community, and the happiest people have someone they can rely on in times of need. That is why it is no coincidence that Danes are not only among the happiest in the world but are also among the ones who meet most often with their friends and family and trust that their friends will catch them if they fall.