4 ways to grow your community

4 ways to grow your community – from create a directory for your street or stairway to build a community garden. ufabet

1. Create a directory for your street or stairway


Knock on your neighbours’ doors and introduce yourself. You can tell people that you are creating the list in case of burst pipes and other emergencies. Ask for names and contact information, but also consider adding a questionnaire to help you get to know people better. Would you babysit a dog or cat? What is your favourite book? How many languages do you speak? 

Try and focus on skills that might be of use to other neighbours. Who is good with computers? Who knows how to change a tyre? Who knows how to preserve fruit?

2. Establish a book-lending cupboard


A simple way to start the conversation in your community is to establish a mini-library built on the take-one-leave-onebook principle. The library doesn’t have to be anything fancy or contain the entire collection of the Library of Alexandria.

3. Use the soft edges

Use the soft edges

You won’t ever get to know your neighbours if you never see them. Spaces like this – front gardens and porches – are called soft edges, and studies show that streets with soft edges feel safer and people tend to stay in them longer. Just being out in front of your house gives a welcoming vibe that encourages interaction.

Few people would dare come into your kitchen to say hello, but if you are in your front garden, people may get to know you and you them. 

4. Build a community garden


Your home may not offer any soft edges, but there might be a strip of land in your neighbourhood that can be used to create a small community garden – a time-tested way not only to grow a bunch of fresh veggies but also to cultivate a sense of community and for you to put down roots. Tending to your tomatoes is not only relaxing and meditative, it brings people in the local neighbourhood together and fosters the development of community spirit. In other words, it is a delicious way of creating a village atmosphere in a big city.