Do it like the Dutch! When social support is everything

Make the effort to speak to your neighbours. Meet them for a coffee, ufabet help them in the shared garden or just stop to chat the next time you see them.

Do it like the Dutch!

Do it like the Dutch! 

According to a Dutch proverb, it is better to have a good neighbour than a distant friend. Since 2006, the Dutch have celebrated National Neighbours’ Day on 26 May. It started as an initiative to get neighbours together and has grown to become an event which is celebrated in two thousand Dutch districts.

It was inspired by a survey which showed that three out of four Dutch people found that neighbourhoods which engaged in regular activities were the most pleasant to live in and was initiated by the Dutch coffee company, Douwe Egberts, to get neighbours together.

Later on, Douwe Egberts collaborated with the Oranjefonds, which has since 2008 provided neighbourhoods with funds to celebrate the annual day. Celebrations can range from holding a street party to having a cup of coffee with neighbours you might not usually socialize with. Make a special effort on 26 May next year to say hello to your neighbours, or invite them over for a hot drink.