Expectation makes the heart grow fonder

Take time to enjoy the journey towards your goal while also being mindful that achieving your goal will not fulfil you completely. Expect and understand that reaching your goal might make you happy – ufabet but only for a while.

Expectation makes the heart grow fonder.

Expectation makes the heart grow fonder.

Expectation can be a source of joy. Imagine you could have a kiss from anyone you want. Any celebrity. Who would it be? George Clooney? Angelina Jolie? Twould go with Rachel Weisz. (Yes, I know she is married to James Bond – no need to rub it in.) Do you have someone in mind? If you do, then consider this: When would you want that kiss? Now! In three hours? In twenty-four? In three days? In one year? In ten years?

If you are like the respondents in a study undertaken by George Loewenstein, professor in economics and psychology at Carnegie Mellon University and director of the Center for Behavioral Decision Research, you would want the kiss three days from now. Yes, someone actually researched this question.

The point is, in some circumstances, expectation can be a source of great joy. However, we must also be aware that, in others, expectation and ambition can be a source of misery.